Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shhh...don't want to get in trouble...

Title of your piece: Bordertown
Medium: Collage
Location: Lower Merion and Philadelphia

Do I wish you were here?
Do you?
If you live on the west side of City Line Avenue, the answer is a resounding "yes." Sprawling mansions rest comfortably amidst lawns of a surreal green. The boutiques in the carefully maintained little towns sell watches that cost more than many cars, the quaint storefronts have an array of designer fashions. The only faces that are dark skinned are the nannies pushing their towheaded charges, or the men wielding the leaf blowers. They stop when you pass on the sidewalk.

Wish you were here?

Walk a block east, though, and everything is different.


maggie said...

Hope big brother is not watching, your discription was very intuitive and sensitive, I think we need more thinking in this world :-)

Seaspaces said...

I'd like to think not. Hopefully it was just a glitch of some kind.

I did bring up race, though, and that's a pretty incendiary issue here. Frankly, I'm not sure what to think.

Thank you, though.

anne corrance monk said...

It would be difficult not to feel a little disturbed by this.I know I would be.Hopefully it is simply a glitch.Prejudice comes in many forms and situations;here, the victims, perpretrators and material results are not so obvious visually.I applaud you for raising the issue.

Rita G said...

Your response is a little unsettling but I think you chose to be honest with how you feel about your current residence. Even though you were not able to post your image again, your explanation is very clear.

Digital Dakini said...

Your original ChambersoftheSea blog seems to be still up and running with no problem.
It is linked from of our main project blog - Sounds of the City ~ Scent of the Sea

tovias8 said...

Your discourse invokes images that I am certainly familiar with. I think it takes someone very reflective to be able to articulate some of the aspects of our mixed-up modern world that seem... askew. Thank you for being so brave with your honesty.